Denverites & Dragons

The Journey North

The group followed the tracks of the black rider north toward Luskan. They met many travelers, including Road Sir, heading south; away from the evil that seemed to permeate the air in the north.

They spent the night along the road. Thrayden and Mogli felt sick and Cassidy got bitten by a zombie squirrel. They got better and finished the journey to Luskan. In Luskan, they stayed at a tavern and talked with the bartender, Bart Ender, about the situation in town. Blaine and Cassidy went to the temple of Ilmater where Cassidy was able to heal her squirrel bite.

From there they travelled east toward Mirabor. On the way they ran into what looked like a wedding celebration that had been raid; all the guests had been slaughtered and the bride and groom had been carried off. They followed these tracks as they continued toward Mirabor, but then saw a farmhouse on fire.

The group stopped the fire and saved a woman named Elizabeth Sir from a zombie that was attacking her. They continued past the farmhouse and into the woods, still trying to follow the raiders. They tracked them through the night and eventually came to a town in a valley that matched the description of the lost town of Whitepeak.

As they approached the town from the southern clearing, arrows began flying from the trees on either side of them and all but Mogli bolted toward the towns wall. They managed to make it inside with only Cassidy taking a hit.

Party Crashers


  • The party has taken on a contract from Samantha Dasrun, a young and ambitious half-elf merchant who they met at a dinner party in Neverwinter, to locate an artifact for an unknown buyer.
  • Samantha was able to provide the party some brief details on the history of this artifact. As the story goes, a town to the north (now overrun by wilderness), was facing invasion at the hands of barbarian tribes. The barbarians offered the town safety in exchange for the daughter of the local noble, but the townsfolk refused and fought to the death to protect their beloved ruling family (house name of Galvesh). Despite their best efforts, the townsfolk were slaughtered, but legend has it that the necklace worn by the daughter they refused to give over was infused with magical power stemming from the love of others and the laying down of their lives. The current location of this artifact is unknown, but Samantha’s buyer believes it is still hidden among the ruins of this lost settlement and could be retrieved by capable hands.
  • Samantha advised the PCs to head north and meet her contact in the northern frontier town of Whitepeak, in the foothills of the Spine of the World Mountains.
  • During the dinner party with Silvar and friends, the party was attacked by demonic hounds, and a local priestess of Lathandar (name of Sabrina) was kidnapped. Samantha found an insignia of Bhaal lying on the ground after the battle, and believes the forces of Bhaal may be behind the kidnapping of Sabrina, and could possibly be hunting the same artifact her buyer is interested in.
  • The party additionally spoke with some of the clergy of the temple of Isa, who report disturbing news of corruption of the land itself to the north.

Current Status
When we left off last time, the party had emerged from the city of Neverwinter by way of a sewer / smuggling route that was overrun with undead. Upon emerging from the sewer tunnels, they found themselves in a graveyard outside the city, and discovered a dying old man beside one of the tombs who had been cut and was bleeding to death. The man’s final words were to tell the party that he had seen a shadowy horse galloping north with two riders, one of whom matched the description of Sabrina.

The Phandalin Foray

A group of adventurers comes together in a bar in Neverwinter to hear about a job offer by one Gundren Rockseeker, a dwarf looking for hired muscle to guard and transport his goods to the town of Phandalin southeast of Neverwinter. Gundren is planning on going ahead with his bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter.

The group agrees to transport the goods, but on the way they run into an ambush of goblins. They discover that Gundren and Sildar’s horses are dead in the roadway. They decide to follow the goblin tracks back to their hideout.

They fought through a cave hideout and rescued Sildar Hallwinter from the goblins.


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