Betha Evanwood

Half Elf Fighter



  • Is training as a Battle Master, specializing in goading, precision, and riposte.
  • Prefers to fight close range
  • Has an affinity for drinking


  • Battle Axe
  • Longsword
  • Fists (skilled as a Tavern Brawler)


  • Simple, martial, improvised weapons
  • All armor and shields
  • Carpenter and Smith’s tools
  • Land vehicles
  • Has Darkvision up to 60ft
  • Speaks Common, Elvish, Sylvan


Hailing from a small farming community, Betha was raised by her human father, who was the acting protector of community. Following in his footsteps, Betha sought to defend their people’s land and assist in settling quarrels among the community. Being the only half-elf in the community, she was considered a third party in most matters and trusted to handle such disagreements in an unbiased manner.

Never knowing her mother but always being curious about her elf heritage, Betha sought out information regarding her mother in unconventional ways. A successful encounter with a fey creature in the woods outside of the farmland she called home revealed that her mother was a powerful elf archmage. It was this encounter that spurred the desire to start exploring and adventuring, in hopes to discover new information about her heritage.


Her clumsy but endearing personality lends to her trustworthiness. It’s that goofy grin that gets her out of the little trouble that comes her way. This accident prone tendency is probably why she has grown up fairly rough and tumble. She doesn’t prefer confrontation, she is ready to face it head on, confident in her resilience and strength. This confident nature of hers makes it very entertaining to share a few pints with her. Just don’t enter a drinking match with her, unless you like to be bested by a humble farm girl.

Betha Evanwood

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