Thrayden Strongmalt

Dwarf Wizard



  • Owns a tavern in Neverwinter called the Haggard Flagon
  • Helped the city guard to capture Benzo Benetolli who was planning on mass-poisoning the city.



Firebolt Mage Hand Prestidigitation Ray of Frost

1st Level

Chromatic Orb Comprehend Language Feather Fall Fog Cloud
Identify Magic Missile Thunderwave Shield
Sleep Witch Bolt

2nd Level

Flaming Sphere Rope Trick Web

Special Inventory

  • Invisibility Potion
  • Glasstaff’s Glass Staff
  • Coin-sized wooden flask around his neck containing the angel-share of Strongmalt Whiskey from the year of his birth.

Thrayden was born into a family of master brewers. His ancestors opened the very first pub in town and through the generations the Strongmalts have perfected their craft.

He studied fermentation early in his life and aged alongside the casks of wine, beer, and liquor that his family made. As his skill grew, he continued to experiment with new ingredients to create more potent and eccentric brews. As he was working on the batch that would prove his skill and allow him to graduate from apprentice to journeyman, he managed to concoct the exact formula of a magical potion of levitation. When the guild judges finally returned to the ground, they banned him from brewing in the city and paid him to travel to the university and train to become a wizard, more from a desire to get him out of town than any hope that he would actually amount to anything.

He continued to study at the university and become an adept wizard and alchemist. He earned a living while at the school by brewing unuaual ales and meads at the local tavern that caused floating, shrinking, chilling, speaking other languages, and the like.

Having graduated middlingly, he is now on a search for the perfect quaff. He doesn’t know exactly what he is looking for, but he is sure that he will know it when he tastes it.

Thrayden Strongmalt

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